Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what the business is about?

My name is John and I work for Cheval Liberte horse floats. Cheval Liberte was founded in 1995 by Denis Rulquin, in the small town of Lignéville, France. As successful breeders and riders the family places great importance on first-class workmanship and practical functionality in all its products. Our business is about providing horse floats that meet our customers needs.

What’s the story behind how you ended up being in your current role?

Cheval Liberte is one of the largest horse float manufacturers in the world and has become a large part of the Australian horse trailer industry. Staff from France provided the opportunity to support the introduction of the Cheval Liberte brand in Australia and I was asked to represent them.

What makes the business unique?

Cheval Liberte horse floats are lightweight and safe to tow on the road. They are aerodynamically designed to save fuel, and feature Pullman 2 suspension to provide the safest ride on the road. Our business is unique because we offer quality products at an affordable price that are safe, comfortable and easy to tow.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

Being able to offer a quality product to people who want to know their horses are safe when travelling.

How do you envision success?

Being able to provide a product that does the job it is advertised to do. We are proud of our team and our work.

Tell us about one of the good experiences you’ve had as an Australian Credit Acceptance Finance Referral Partner?

ACA is always ready to answer our customers questions about finance. They are excellent at keeping our customers up-to-date along every step of the process, and can get you an answer about your finance almost immediately.

How do you find that we help your business?

It’s important for people to be able to easily gain finance for an important purchase for their equines. Being able to turn to ACA for this can make purchasing a Cheval Liberte float that much easier.

What would you tell your friends about Australian Credit Acceptance?

If you’ve found the right float but aren’t sure where you will be able to secure finance, ACA can help in this area and make your dream float a reality.