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The financing solutions that will keep your business on the road.

The right truck finance package is a crucial factor in purchasing a vehicle that will be integral to your success. Whether you’re replacing your old truck, adding one to the fleet or finally taking the leap of faith to become an owner driver, we can offer you a better truck finance solution. Our dedicated consultants are the experts in financing trucks have helped thousands of truck drivers and business owners take their operations to the next level. To thank the Australian trucking community for placing trust in us for over 20 years, we always secure truck finance deals that you just cannot get anywhere else. We want you and your business to succeed, that’s why we take care of the whole finance process and give you the freedom to find the right truck for you.

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Big Truck Finance & Loan Interest Rates

Truck Finance in Australia That Puts You First

Trucks have been a key part of all industries for decades. They are a simple and effective means of getting a large shipment of goods from point A to point B and while the shift is on toward finding more sustainable means for transportation that will reduce each company’s carbon footprint; for the time being, they are a necessary means to an end for thousands of businesses across Australia.

Truck finance in Australia is, therefore, in high demand. There are countless new hauliers entering into the logistics industry every year as well as plenty of existing long-running companies that need to continually keep their fleet up-to-date and delivering the greatest efficiencies possible. However, one thing that is very well known and appreciated about trucks is that they are expensive. Depending on the size of the truck required, you could be facing a price tag that runs into tens of thousands of dollars, if not, over a hundred thousand dollars.

Here at Australian Credit Acceptance, we have worked with hauliers and haulage companies as well as private contractors all across the country for three decades in order to help them to access the best possible financing deals available. Our goal is to assess what you hope to achieve and, once we have a good sense of your current circumstances, we then set about finding truck finance that offers you the lowest possible interest rates as well as the best repayment terms.

Our FBAA approved brand is well-regarded across Australia and our longevity in this particular industry stems from a commitment to our customers and a dedication to finding funding solutions that get you what you want both now and in the future. Through guidance, support and opportunities created by our superb resources we endeavour to deliver where others cannot and as such offer an incredibly valuable proposition to those that choose to trust us with their financial needs. Whether clients are looking for holiday finance to take their dream vacation or they want camper trailer finance for a larger purchase, we have been there to help with credit that fits your needs.

What Truck Loans Can Do For Your Entire Business

Most of those that are considering truck loans will also be thinking about whether it is prudent or even possible to simply acquire the vehicles that they need. Each company and individual will, of course, have their own set of circumstances and resources available to them, which may make this a decision that can be made lightly. However, even for those with deep pockets and plenty of cash flow, the choice to buy outright may not necessarily be best in the long run.

At Australian Credit Acceptance, we appreciate that one of the main concerns any vehicle owner has at the point of acquisition is with regards to how quickly it will depreciate. The truth of the matter is that the second you drive it off the lot, it loses a chunk of its value. As such, buying it outright means that you have not only just handed over a substantial amount of money, but you have incurred a negative on your balance sheets where assets are concerned. Perhaps something such as bike finance in Australia would not be as hard on your balance sheets, but financing for a truck can be hard to stomach.

There are plenty of companies that have had negative experiences with financing in the past. In terms of the truck loan interest rate, this is somewhere that winds up stinging the investor down the road when they have not been given appropriate advice. Different companies and different banks all have their own rates at which they lend, and so it is never recommended to go with the first offer you receive.

Should You Shop Around For Truck Loans?

Shopping around makes complete sense, but then again, who has the time to make all those calls or drop into the different banks for set appointments? If you have ever looked around the market for holiday loans, you will know that there are a lot of providers that advertise themselves but don’t always offer the terms that would be helpful to your business. You don’t know who else is out there, but you also don’t have the time to search for every loan provider.

The solution is to get in touch with the team here at Australian Credit Acceptance. We take a complete look at the options available to each of our clients and find the best set of terms that will work for them in the long run, rather than against them. We have experience doing this for other expensive vehicles such as horse floats. Getting horse float finance is not easy on the balance sheets either, but with proper planning and our access to lenders, we have helped clients find the plan that fit their needs.

We believe that a substantial investment in your company is required if you are in the logistics or delivery industries, however, buying outright is not necessarily the best way to do right by your employees. With a good loan in place and optimal truck finance rates secured, you can plan for your repayments over time and structure your outgoings week-by-week or month by month.

Laying out all that cash for a vehicle could leave you cash-poor in the short to medium term, and as we all know, without cash, business will grind to a halt. Failing to meet your own bills, your employees’ salaries and covering the utility expenses as well as all other operating priorities will impact negatively on the business, and what’s more, could create a negative perception publicly that could be difficult to recover from. It’s the same if you got home renovation loans in Australia that you suddenly can’t afford. The results can be devastating and you don’t want to put your business in a similar situation.

First time truck buyer financing as provided by Australian Credit Acceptance is the ideal way to get your new business off the ground and will afford you possibilities to make your cash go a lot further while you negotiate the initial stages of running a business. What’s more, despite best intentions, it can take time for a business to make its name and to get off the ground in a meaningful way.

You may receive a lot of orders and complete them on time and with the service that you promised, however, payment may not be coming for a couple of weeks, and if delayed this can have a direct impact. So, having that extra cushion could make all the difference where weathering the initial storm is concerned.

Making First Time Truck Buyer Financing Go Further for You

Whether you are hoping to access big truck financing or if you are looking for a relatively small loan that will make it possible to put that first truck on the road and see your brand name competing against the best in the business, rest assured that the team here at Australian Credit Acceptance can work with you to find the best financial solution available to you.

Furthermore, if you wish to get some indication as to what your monthly loan repayments and interest payments would be based on the kind of financing you are planning to explore, why not use the handy loan calculator right here on our site? Simply enter the amount, the type of loan, the payment frequency, interest rate and the term of the loan and the calculator will provide estimated data.

However, there is no substitute for dropping in or speaking with one of our financial brokers in person. Speaking with you will help us determine exactly what is possible and perhaps will help you identify short, medium and long-term plans that will make planning that little bit easier. If you have another loan you want to pursue, such as swimming pool loans, we can help you with that as well.

As such, for big truck loans or bridging loans to get you through a tough period when your customers are just a little behind on their payments, or to acquire a brand new truck to get business up and running, the team here at Australian Credit Acceptance want to hear from you, because we know that we can help make your money go further for you. You can go wrong looking for Australian credit and finance from us.

Get The Best Truck Finance Rates In Australia From Australian Credit Acceptance

Australian Credit Acceptance is the company to contact if you are looking for the best truck finance ratest in Australia. Our team are the best in this business and work with a wide range of lenders in order to ensure that you get the very best possible deal. There is no one else who can get you better truck finance rates in Australia than we can, so carry on reading to find out more about choosing the right truck to finance and why you should choose Australian Credit Acceptance.

How Much Truck Can I Finance?

Before you go out and start looking at trucks, it is best to know what exactly you can afford and how much we can help you with financing. To do this, our team would be more than happy to speak to you directly or you can also use our calculator to see how much you would be paying in a monthly loan and the interest on top. Of course, this is only a rough estimation, but it will give you a better sense of how much truck you can afford to finance.

Preparing To Spend More

If you have not bought a truck before, you may be shocked by how much it costs you. Many people will have to review their budget from how much they originally thought it would cost them and so you need to be prepared to spend a little bit more and have this money ready to go. This is why it is important to speak with the team here at Australian Credit Acceptance as soon as you possibly can as you will want to make sure that you have this money set aside and that you know what interest rates you can expect. If you feel that you are going to require too much money, then why not consider looking at used trucks as well as new ones.

Why Choose Australian Credit Acceptance For Your Truck Financing?

There are many reasons why you should choose us for your truck financing, not least the number of years of experience that we have in this field. We have also worked with hauliers and haulage companies as well as private contractors across Australia to help then get the best possible financing deals. Our team will work with you to assess what your goals are and then we can work to find the best deal for you based on this.

Australian Credit Acceptance is also a company that you can trust as we are FBAA approved and have a well-established business that is known across the country.

Find Out More About Our Truck Financing Options

Don’t delay any longer and get in touch with us by phone or by email now to get the process started. We are confident that we can provide you with a loan that is best suited for you and your situation as our team have more than twenty years of experience working in this industry.

At Australian Credit Acceptance, We also provide the finacing for Horse Floats, Holiday Finance, Swimming Pool Finance, Home Improvement & Wedding Finance with the best interest rates in Australia. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about best australian credit and finance options for you.

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The Right Rates

We’ll use our years of experience and leverage our strong relationships with lenders to make sure that you get the best possible interest rate on your truck finance. Keeping your rate and repayments as affordable as possible can make a real difference to the cash-flow of your businesses

Accelerated Approvals

We have developed our processes over 20 years to ensure that we are able to have your truck finance approved within one business day of providing everything we need from you. Finalising your purchase sooner means you will be on the road and achieving your goals sooner.

Low Doc Financing

Access the low doc finance solutions that make life easier for self employed truck drivers. When you don’t have to obtain and provide financials to get approval, the process of getting you behind the wheel of your next truck will require significantly less time and effort on your behalf.

“ACA really over delivered. My situation was a little complicated but they got me behind the wheel of my new Isuzu in only a few days. I recommend them to other owner drivers all the time.”
Kevin H, QLD
“I got a new truck because ACA actually looked at my situation and helped me. I’m busy getting work in, delivered and paid for, so it was priceless having ACA sort my truck finance.”
Vince T, VIC