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For more than 20 years, Australian Credit Acceptance has provided outstanding financing to rural businesses, homeowners, small businesses owners, truckies, and so many others. We believe that nothing should stand between you and your goals–least of all financing. From the young, ambitious entrepreneur to the brand new brick and mortar small business owner, we can help put your future in your own hands. Our vineyard equipment finance does exactly that.

The wine industry in Australia is booming, and there may be no better time to do what you love. At wineries across the country, the importance of top-quality vineyard equipment remains essential. High levels of production and the desire to innovate mean that you need the best of the best to create drinkable, delicious wines. Due to their specialisation, the equipment needed to produce wine tend to be fairly costly. If you’re just getting started, the initial investment may be daunting. Or if you’re a seasoned winemaker looking to upgrade equipment, you might be experiencing sticker shock as well. Fortunately, there are options, and we can help you find them.

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We have a range of connections with a variety of banks and lending partners. This gives us the flexibility and freedom to find you the best loan options at the best rates.

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Our loans officers understand the unique requirements of the agricultural and wine industry. Let us show you how we can make a major difference to your business.

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With fast, easy approvals, friendly loans officers who speak in plain language, and a focus on helping you reach your goals, we’d love to be the ones you call for your vineyard equipment finance. We’re here for you. Finance for your vineyard business has never been easier. Get in touch to discuss an array of excellent loans that will work with your needs and your financial situation. You’ll be thrilled to discover just how great it is to partner with a company who cares.