mcneill horse floats

Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?

My name is Alex Docherty, director of mcneill trailer and sheds pty ltd.We are located at 43 old pacific hwy Yatala qld. Our business is manufactures trailers, and we are also a retail sales agent for PBL Trailers and Trailers, Equipco, Oceanic Trailers, Transank, Tag Along Trailers and Freightmaster Trailers. On top of all of that we also deal in second hand cars/trucks/machinery.

What’s the story behind how you ended up being in the business?

I started working for a major company in 1995, for whom I operated two sales yards with the responsibility of retailing trailers and sheds. In 2000 I choose to go out my own and I started McNeill Trailers & Sheds. For five years I was still contracting to the company I had previously been employed by, before I became totally independent. Over the years I have sold numerous products and had numerous business relationships which have all lead to where I am now.

What makes the business unique?

The options we provide the customer are what really set us apart. This includes finance options and even a rental option which is beneficial to all parties. Not to mention our products really are top quality and our service is ALWAYS customer focussed.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

I love that we are not just selling trailers here. We are working alongside the customer with the genuine intention of assisting them in achieving the best overall outcome. I go above and beyond to make sure the customer has received the best product and finance advice and is buying the product that best suits their needs.

How do you envision success?

I am a really hands on person and I put a lot of my personal effort into ensuring that our customers are always happy and that our brand always represents quality. I think the best way I can measure my success is in the number of repeat customers we work with and the number of referrals we receive from happy customers.

Tell us about one of the good experiences you’ve had as an Australian Credit Acceptance Finance Referral Partner?

Over the years we have referred a lot of Horse Float Finance to ACA and our customers have always had great experiences. I have a great bond with the team at ACA partly because I have spent a lot of time in the Shoalhaven/South Coast region where they are located. I got to know the area over the years from holidaying, surfing and football trips. I think that being able to relate to them on a ‘Local’ level helps to have a friendly working relationship, especially in a world where so much business is done over the phone and via emails.

How do you find that we help your business?

The key benefit of working with ACA as a dealer and being a part of their referral partner program is that they know my product. They do so much work in the Trailers and Horse Floats market that they have become very efficient at it. This ultimately gets the sale tied up quicker on my end and pays the bills. They have a great name in the industry.

What would you tell your friends about Australian Credit Acceptance?

I already do highly recommend that people use ACA for loans. I even pass their name on to other dealers when the question comes up.