About Us

ACA is here to help personal borrowers and equipment buyers to obtain quality funding easily so they can get on with business and realise their potential.

We offer loan brokerage services as a way to make this happen – but we do it a little differently.

Banks can seem more familiar and stable, they have all your details so the process seems like it would be easier.   Often however you are restricted on your options, you’re required to mortgage against your home, and can be just a number.   You can’t move forward quickly.

“Fast and easy” credit providers can seem cheap and quick – but often are hiding a lot of information from you. They can be out the door quickly, with no support if anything goes wrong,   You get what you want in the short term – but in the long term, it can end up being much more expensive.

Shopping for a loan online on your own can very quickly turn into dozens of hours research.. With what seems like less and less understanding of what you’re really getting.

The challenge for borrowers has been finding funding that gets you what you want both now and in the future. ACA fills the gap here – providing a balance which allows you to get the funding you need quickly so you can grow, as well as the ongoing gratitude that comes with getting the structure right for you long term.

Our success has been built on the three pillars of guidance, support, and resource which ensures that our clients are able to realise their full potential.

So how did this unique combination come about? Good question – here’s the story of our founder, Ron.


Ever since I was a child I’ve always been inspired by family. I always saw them as a source of direction, of purpose, a testament as to what was possible for me.   To me they represented guidance.

Having grown up in the country, I always loved the community aspect that came with this style of life.     Everyone was always helping each other, there to lend a hand when needed, and feeling great about it.   To me, country life symbolised support.

And nature has also had a huge impact on me.   I’ve always loved and felt the true abundance that this land of ours offers in nature – all the beauty, all the life, so much gratitude.   To me nature has always represented opportunity – an abundance of resources.






A career in the army taught me discipline and leadership skills – as well as the value of commitment.   I noticed I was a little different than many others in the army as I had career goals for myself which extended beyond climbing the ranks – I was interested in a bigger picture for myself.

After the army I learned the ropes of business through my time working for my employer at a graphic design company. Through this experience I learned about the value of service to customers – and interestingly noticed that I seemed far more disciplined, reliable and on-time that many of my fellow employees!   (Army values!)

Following that my time in a sales role – I learned the value of commission.   What it meant to offer value for money – not just exchanging time for money.   Again I noticed I was slightly different – many of my colleagues focussed on how much they could make – I was always looking for the deal that was a great result for all – growing my income while at the same time, enjoying the gratitude of happy customers.


I’ve had the skills and values that I’d picked up tested more than once.

While growing our broking business one challenge I had was ensuring I spent enough time with my kids.   It would be easy to disconnect, and wake up one morning.. thinking.. Who are these people?     To make sure this didn’t happen I adapted – I employed staff and got involved in their school life (head of school council). I wanted to be aware and have an impact in the system they were being subjected to, and it worked.   I learned to focus on what is important, and have a close relationship with my children.

When the GFC hit we went from 18 staff down to 5 – lending dropped off immensely, and our values were tested as we wondered whether we would survive.     We adapted by streamlining the business and innovating – adjusted our processes and staff to pay the bills – and as a result we survived the downturn, and are now expanding again from a strong place. Another strong lesson in adaptation.

And again now during the internet age – with the advent of social media and many more competitors out there – we’ve been challenged once more.






And the result? Again we’ve adapted to the situation, changed our business and our marketing, and expanded. And our customers are thriving right alongside us.

By adapting to the environment – and focussing on what is important – we can continue to grow, while offering huge value to our customers.

An offering that combines growth and gratitude.

One that’s built on guidance, support, and opportunity for everyone involved.

All for the purpose of helping borrowers to obtain quality funding easily so they can get on with business and realise their potential.

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