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Call: 1300 360 450

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Fax: 02 8322 4050
Head Office: Suite 1/28 Artisan Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Note: (Meetings by appointment only)

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Monday: 9am until 5pm
Tuesday: 9am until 5pm
Wednesday: 9am until 5pm
Thursday: 9am until 5pm
Friday: 9am until 5pm
Saturday: Closed
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Our process is simple

We have an online application that you will need to complete.  We can do that for you over the phone if you have difficulties with using the internet.  Once you’ve completed the application we will we will call you within 24 hours and go through all the features and benefits that you’ll need on your loan (e.g. secured, unsecured etc).  We’ll hold your hand until you have provided all the necessary documentation for your application before we submit it for processing.

Loan interest rates are profile dependent

We can’t offer you a loan rate until you have completed the online application as loan rates are profile dependent.  This means that they depend on your application details and your credit score.  Once you have completed the online application we can discuss loan rate options with you.


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If you have any questions please use the contact form below to send us a message, or call us on 1300 360 450.