Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what the business is about?

My name is Susan Moore and I live the Hawkesbury (near Wilberforce) in NSW, it is a very big horsey area, which is why I chose the name Hawkesbury Horse Floats. My business is about selling quality paint-free horse trailers, and helping people find the right trailer to suit their needs, as well as their horses needs. I also sell the “Double Up Portable Yards” to put their horses in, when they are away at shows and camps.

What’s the story behind how you ended up being in your current role?

I have always been in sales, but I have had horses for over 25 years and love horse trailers, so getting into this industry was a no brainer! My first float was a Kara Kar, I sold them for many years since 2005, and we also had a few paint free German Imports in stock at one time, which was my first introduction to fully hot dip galvanised trailers which had no paint. These types of trailers attracted me due to the fact that they did not require any paint or rust repair, then I discovered ‘Crisfloats’ were a similar concept, made in Albury NSW. All structure was hot dipped after it was made, including the entire chassis, then the plastic (polyethylene) body attached. I decided to buy one for myself and discovered how much cooler they were inside for the horses, one of mine always used to walk off my old float in a sweat no matter what I did, so this became the type of float I wanted to sell. They are also the only, ones that have a barn door which folds down, rather than swings up or out.

What makes the business unique?

What’s unique about my business is that I can come to the client if needed, even allow them to try their horse on for size, and take it for a tow if they want! I’m not just a sales person, I’m a true horse person, I understand what people want and why, I’ve floated 17.2hh giants, and mini’s, stallions and foals.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

My favourite thing about this job is the smile on the customers face when the receive their new float. I try to offer the best service I can, before, during and after purchase.

How do you envision success?

I envision success by living the dream, being able to live where you want and participating in the sport you love, and being able to work in the field that makes you happy.

What do you think about Australian Credit Acceptance?

I like using ACA Loans because they have knowledge of the industry and they look after the client as quickly and best they can, without asking for too much from me. I have never had a single complaint from the dozens of loans they’ve arranged for my customers over the past 5 years. You do not need a Uni degree to apply for a loan with ACA, they make it as easy as they can for everyone involved!