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The financing solutions that will keep your business on the road.

The right truck finance package is a crucial factor in purchasing a vehicle that will be integral to your success. Whether you’re replacing your old truck, adding one to the fleet or finally taking the leap of faith to become an owner driver, we can offer you a better truck finance solution. Our dedicated consultants are the experts in financing trucks have helped thousands of truck drivers and business owners take their operations to the next level. To thank the Australian trucking community for placing trust in us for over 20 years, we always secure truck finance deals that you just cannot get anywhere else. We want you and your business to succeed, that’s why we take care of the whole finance process and give you the freedom to find the right truck for you.

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Truck and Deals Finance

Get The Best Truck And Deals Finance From Australian Credit Acceptance

Are you looking to finance a truck and want the best deals possible? Then you have come to the right place here at Australian Credit Acceptance. For over twenty years, we have been working closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best possible deals when it comes to financing a truck. We understand that this can be a very big purchase that you may not have the money to buy upfront, which is why you should speak to our team today to organise the financing that will allow you to go out and get the truck of your dreams today! Carry on reading to find out more.

What Can Make Your Truck Cost More?

When you are buying a truck, you will normally end up spending more money than you had originally planned to, which is why you need to speak to our team today to ensure that you have a set amount of money that you can borrow to pay for the car upfront and avoid car dealerships terrible finance options with high interest rates. When choosing a new truck, it is important to try and keep costs down by considering the following.

  1. Do you really need a full-size truck? Or could you opt for a mid-size? The easiest way to keep costs down is to not automatically choose the largest model available to you, plus, this will also save you on running costs too over the following years.
  2. Are you getting a truck for towing? Then you need to know the weight you are towing and the weight of the trucks that you are looking at. There is no point in spending more for a heavy duty truck that you are not going to need!
  3. The bigger the engine, the more your new truck is going to cost. Work out if you really need a huge gas guzzler or whether you can downsize here too.

Why Australian Credit Acceptance Is The Best Finance Option

Australian Credit Acceptance is the best option when it comes to financing a truck for many reasons. Here is why we are the company that you should choose:

  • You will get access to a wide range of lenders to get the best possible deal
  • You will get a loan that fits exactly to your personal situation and what you need
  • You do not need to worry about benefiting from business structures and tax savings as we can set up the loan to do this for you if applicable
  • You will get the lowest interest rates and repayments
  • You will get to work with an Australian, family-owned business

Speak To Australian Credit Acceptance About Truck Financing

You can speak to Australian Credit Acceptance today if you would like to know more about our truck and deals finance options. Our aim to is to always get our clients the best deal possible and so you know when working with us that you are going to get the best interest rates and lowest repayments that you can. If you have already started looking at trucks and want to make sure that you have the money available to buy, please get in touch with our team now to get the financing sorted for your new truck.

At Australian Credit Acceptance, We also provide the vehicle finance for Cars, 4wd, Trailers & Motorbike financing with the best interest rates in Australia. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about best australian credit and finance options for you.

The Right Rates

We’ll use our years of experience and leverage our strong relationships with lenders to make sure that you get the best possible interest rate on your truck finance. Keeping your rate and repayments as affordable as possible can make a real difference to the cash-flow of your businesses

Accelerated Approvals

We have developed our processes over 20 years to ensure that we are able to have your truck finance approved within one business day of providing everything we need from you. Finalising your purchase sooner means you will be on the road and achieving your goals sooner.

Low Doc Financing

Access the low doc finance solutions that make life easier for self employed truck drivers. When you don’t have to obtain and provide financials to get approval, the process of getting you behind the wheel of your next truck will require significantly less time and effort on your behalf.

“ACA really over delivered. My situation was a little complicated but they got me behind the wheel of my new Isuzu in only a few days. I recommend them to other owner drivers all the time.”
Kevin H, QLD
“I got a new truck because ACA actually looked at my situation and helped me. I’m busy getting work in, delivered and paid for, so it was priceless having ACA sort my truck finance.”
Vince T, VIC