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To:          Australian Credit Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 70 159 714 271 Australian Credit Lic 426877 Trading as Australian Credit Acceptance of 10/48 Berry Street Nowra NSW 2541 (the Licensee) and

United Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 77 072 442 445 Australian Credit License 388927 of Level 9 Rhodes Waterside 1 Rider Boulevard Rhodes NSW 2138 (the Aggregator or UFS) (together the recipients)

  • Referral Consent Commission or other benefit
    1. Where a referrer is noted above. I/We hereby consent to the referrer giving our name(s) and contact details to the recipients, and any of their representatives, within 5 business days after informing me/us that the recipients are able to arrange a loan to purchase the goods noted above. The referrer has only informed me/us that the recipients are able to provide credit assistance and has not discussed any particular credit product. I/we further consent to the recipients making contact with me/us within 10 business days after receiving the referral. I/we confirm that the referrer has not charged me/us a fee for the referral and I/we have been informed that the referrer may receive a commission or other benefit for or attributable to the referral which has been detailed below.
  • Privacy Act Consent
  1. The recipient/s noted above collect from me/us (being each of the applicants and guarantors named in the application or any directors of companies named in the application) and from other persons described below, personal information about me/us for the purposes of.
  • Assessing the application for finance or any related guarantee or related insurance proposal; or
  • Applications for finance for a company of which I am a director or otherwise an interested party or any related guarantee or related insurance proposal

For the same purpose. The recipient/s may disclose this information to and collect further personal information about me/us from:

  • Third parties identified in:
  • My/our application for finance or any related guarantee or related insurance proposal; or
  • Applications for finance for a company of which I am a director or otherwise an interested party or any related guarantee or related insurance proposal;
  • Guarantors or proposed guarantors identified in my/our application for finance
  • One or more of the credit providers they use to arrange finance on my/our behalf (the Credit Providers)

I acknowledge the credit providers to whom the recipients may submit applications on my behalf and their website addresses are set out in the schedule at the end of this document.

  • Credit reporting bodies, where I/we have authorised the recipient/s to obtain a report on my/our behalf as set out in section 4 of this form below; and
  • My/our finance broker

I/we acknowledge that where I/we have been resident in New Zealand the recipients may also seek credit reports from relevant New Zealand credit reporting bodies in relation to my application.

For the same purposes, the recipients may disclose me/our personal information to:

Suppliers of goods, mercantile agents, collection agencies and insurers; and

The recipient/s agents, contractors, external advisors and other service providers.

I/we agree that each of the recipient/s may use and disclose my/our personal information to their related bodies corporate or to third party affiliates or partners and that the recipients and their related bodies corporate and third party affiliates and partners may use and disclose this personal information to inform me/us about their products and services in the future by direct marketing. I understand that I can opt out of receipt of such information if I/we contact the recipients at the contact details set out below.

I/we acknowledge that if we do not provide the personal information requested, the recipient/s or the credit providers may not be able to process my application for finance or insurance or assess whether to accept ma as a guarantor.

I/we acknowledge that credit providers are required to collect certain personal information about me under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth)

I/we understand that the recipients privacy policies( available from each recipient/s Privacy Officer) contain information on how I/we are able to gain access to the personal information held about me/us by the recipient/s and seek its correction (subject to exceptions stated in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“The Privacy Act”) and on how I/we may make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act and how the recipient/s will deal with my/our complaint.

I/we agree that, if we supply the recipients or the Credit Providers with personal information about any third party (such as a referee) I/we will inform that third party of this fact. I/we acknowledge that the Credit Providers collect and use personal information about me/us for the following purposes:

  • Assessing the application for finance, the guarantee or any related insurance proposal; and
  • (If the application is accepted) providing finance and ancillary services (such as insurance) to the applicant/s and for the ongoing management of the finance, guarantee and ancillary services; and
  • Collecting payments that are overdue in relation to the credit provided to me by the credit provider

For those purposes, and subject to the Privacy Act, I/we consent and agree to the Credit Providers may do all the following now and in the future;

  1. Disclose my/our personal information to credit reporting bodies and collect and use my/our credit reporting information including information about my commercial or consumer creditworthiness obtained from a credit reporting body in order to assess my application for consumer credit or commercial credit or to consider whether to accept me as a guarantor.
  2. Collect from and disclose to another credit provider named in the application for finance or in information otherwise obtained in relation to the application any personal information about me, including credit eligibility information about me/us in order to assess my application for consumer credit or commercial credit.
  3. Collect from and disclose to anybody which maintains a register of personal property securities(such as PPSR0 any personal information about me/us, including any information about me/us in accordance with the Privacy Act.
  4. Collect from and disclose to any person or organisation identified in the application for finance, personal information about me/us.
  5. Disclose to any guarantor or proposed guarantor of the application for finance, any information about the finance or personal information (including credit eligibility information) about me/us now or at any time in the future in order for the guarantor or proposed guarantor to consider whether to offer to act as guarantor in relation to the credit or to offer property as security for the credit.
  6. Collect from and disclose personal information about me/us to the credit providers agents, contractors, external advisors as well as to suppliers of goods, mercantile agents, collection agencies and insurers, and my/our finance broker.
  7. Disclose to the recipients any credit decision made by the Credit Providers concerning my/our application for finance.

I/we acknowledge that each Credit Providers website contains a statement about credit reporting, including information about the credit reporting bodies to which they may provide my/our personal information and that they may include my personal information in reports they provide to other credit providers and how.

  • I/we may obtain a copy of the policies about the management of credit related personal information of the Credit Providers and the credit reporting bodies;
  • If I/we fail to meet my/our payment obligations or commit a serious credit infringement, credit providers may be entitled to disclose this information to credit reporting bodies; and
  • I/we may access my personal information (including credit eligibility information) held by the credit providers and seek the correction of personal information (including credit eligibility information or credit information), complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles or a failure to comply with division 3 of part 111A of the privacy act or the Credit reporting Code and how the credit providers will deal with such a complaint; and
  • I might have to request credit reporting bodies not to use my credit reporting information for the purposes of pre-screening of direct marketing and to not to use or disclose such information if I believe on reasonable grounds that I have been, or am likely to be, a victim of fraud.

I/we acknowledge that a credit provider who approves my/our application for finance will provide me/us with its own privacy disclosure statement and consent document.

How to Contact Us

The Privacy Officer of Australian Credit Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 70 159 714 271 Australian Credit License 426877 Trading as Australian Credit Acceptance of 10/48 Berry street Nowra NSW 2541 Phone 1300 360 450 Fax (02) 44214900 Email info@ and;

The Privacy Officer of United Financial Services Pty Ltd of Level 9, Rhodes Waterside 1 Rider Boulevard RHODES NSW 2138 Phone (02) 9395 4299 Fax (02) 9395 4299 Email

In this Consent:

“Personal Information” is information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:

  • Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and
  • Whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not,

And includes “sensitive information” (as defined in the Privacy Act).

  • Electronic Communications Act Consent (ECC)

I/we consent to the recipients or any other party associated with this loan application, including the credit providers giving information to me/us by way of electronic communication. I/we nominate and authorise the recipients and the credit providers to act on instructions sent electronically by me/us. I/we understand that this consent and authority will apply to all communications permitted to take place electronically by law, including but not limited to;

  1. Notices and disclosure documents about my/our credit application such as a Credit Guide or a Credit Quote for providing credit assistance or a copy of my preliminary assessment;
  2. Financial services disclosures such as a Financial Services Guide or Product Disclosure Statement;
  3. Credit Contract documents or variations to the credit contract; and
  4. Notices from the recipients to me/us.

We understand that the recipients will rely on this consent to communicate with me/us by;

  1. Electronic mail(“email”) to the email address(es) noted above;
  2. In the case of notices or documents required under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (including the National Credit Code) by making the notice or other documents available for a reasonable period on the recipients information system for retrieval by me and promptly notifying me by electronic communication that the notice or other document is available for retrieval on the system and the notice or other document;
  3. In the case of notices or documents required under chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001, making a notice available for me/us to access on their website, subject to also sending ma an email with a hyperlink to the disclosure or a written (paper or electronic) notice with a reference to the website address where the disclosure can be found;
  4. Any other method of electronic communication permitted by law.

By giving this consent, I/we acknowledge the recipients may no longer send me/us notices or other documents in paper form.

I/we undertake to;

  1. Check electronic communications, including my/our emails, regularly for notices and other communications from the recipients;
  2. Ensure my/our email address remains current (or as otherwise notified to the recipients) and;
  3. Ensure emails from the recipients are not blocked.

i/we understand the recipients rely on me/us to keep our/my nominated email or physical (street) address details up to date and to notify the recipients when they change.

I/we understand that the provisions of electronic documents does not alter my/our obligations under any terms and conditions of any contract I have with the recipients or any credit contract that I have with a credit Provider and that we should print and save a copy of any notice or other document provided to me/us electronically. I/we confirm that I am /we are responsible for ensuring that I/we maintain the appropriate software and hardware, including printer, to be able to access, view, retrieve, print and save a copy of any documents provided to me/us by electronic communications.

I/we understand that my/our consent to the giving of documents by electronic communication may be withdrawn at any time. I/we can go back to receiving paper notices and other documents delivered by post to my/our nominated street address buy notifying the recipients in writing withdrawing this ECC

  1. Authorisation to obtain Credit reports

I/we authorise the recipients, who I/we acknowledge are assisting me/us to deal with credit reporting bodies, to make a request on my behalf to obtain my/our credit reporting information about my consumer and commercial credit worthiness from credit reporting bodies.

Acceptance Of this Consent

I/we solemnly and sincerely declare that I/we have read and accept and give all of the consents set out in this referral and Privacy Consent form. I/we acknowledge that if I do not wish to give any of the consents set out in this referral and Privacy Consent form, I can indicate this by striking out the relevant consent above and acknowledge that if I do so the recipients may not be able to arrange finance or related insurances for me.



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Schedule of Credit Providers

Name                                                     ABN                                                        Web address

Australian Premier Finance          54 104 959                  

Automotive Financial Services     73 003 622 375         

Bank of Queensland                       32 009 656 740         

BMW Australia Finance                78 007 101 715           

Capital Finance Australia              23 069 663 136         

Citigroup                                           88004 325 080         

Cmnwealth Bank of Australia       48 123 123 124           

Esanda (edge)                                   11 005 357 522           

Esanda (other goods)                      11 005 357 522           

Evergreen finance Coy Pty Ltd      35 126 481865            

GE Personal Finance                        54 008 443 810         

Gogetta Equip Funding Pty Ltd     88 124 102 647           

Macquarie Leasing                            38 002 674 982         

Money 3 corporation Limited         63 117 296 143            

Morris Finance Ltd                            70 083 630 139          

National Bank of Australia               12 004 044 937          

Now Finance                                        35 158 703 612           

RACV Finance                                      82 004 292 872        

Secure Funding (Liberty)                   25 081 982 872         

Service Finance Corporation             93 077 860 256         

Silver Chef Rentals Pty Ltd                33 112 241 522           

St George Bank                                     33 007 457 141           

St George Motor Finance                    53 007 656 555          

Team Leasing                                         12 130 240 443         

The Little Lease Company                   12 087 826 159         

Toyota Financial Services                    64 009 686 097        

Westpac Banking Corporation            33 007 457 141          

Yamaha Motor Finance                         29 101 928 670         

RateSetter                         571 666 466 35