how to sell your horse float

You love your horses and you know that they deserve the best.

To transport your beloved animals, it’s important to have a top quality piece of equipment. There are a vast range of horse floats on the market. With new models coming out all the time, you may be thinking that it’s about time you upgraded to a brand new float.

Are you ready to buy your dream horse float? Then it’s a great idea to sell your current one and make room for your new addition.

Here’s a few tips for selling your old horse float fast:

Take Fantastic Photos

Potential buyers want to see what they’re getting. If you put the effort into obtaining outstanding photos, you’ll have a much better rate of success when it comes to selling. You should take good quality photos of both the interior of the horse float and the exterior. Before you start snapping, get your old float ready for its closeup. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and give it a nice polish. Try and take the photos with good lighting (morning or afternoon light will be prime). With a little time and care, you can show off your horse float at its very best.

Reach the Right Buyers

These days, the Internet is where people are going to buy their products.

Take advantage of technology and advertise your horse float online. Two options are and Advertising space here is very affordable, and ensures your horse float is seen by the right potential customers. Australian Credit Acceptance also has a dedicated Facebook group Horse Float Buy and Sell Australia. This free group has around 2,800 Australian horse lovers as members, and is active with numerous floats being bought and sold each week. Yet another option is to try Gumtree, which is also free, but reaches a broader audience.

Really SELL the Horse Float

When creating the ad for your float, assume the role of salesperson. Pretend you are an established horse float business. Some sellers will write short blurbs that tell a bit about the float, but these are not effective at influencing readers to BUY. Take time and craft a well-written description of the float that excites potential buyers. Use colourful descriptions that paint a picture. Show horse owners that this float will not only meet their expectations, but will exceed them.

Be Responsive

Sales can happen really quickly. If you’ve placed an ad or post on one of the above sites or Facebook groups, make sure to check back regularly to respond to comments and questions. An active and engaged seller is 100% more effective than one who doesn’t reply in a timely manner. Your potential buyer may be ready to make a purchase. Get in touch with them ASAP so you don’t risk losing their business to another seller.

Get on the Phone

Email is easy, but you should encourage buyers to call rather than email. Speaking to them one-on-one is a much better sales tactic and gives you the opportunity to influence their decision. Often, this also helps the sale to happen faster.

Let Buyers Know ACA Offers Horse Float Financing

Is your potential buyer hesitating? Share with them the good news that ACA has easy, fast horse float financing available. They can get in contact with our team and have an approval often in less than 24 hours. This is a great final point to help you sell your old horse float. Then, get in touch with us and let us help you afford the horse float of YOUR dreams.