Being away from home doesn’t mean that you – or your horses – have to lose all the comforts of home too. If you’re thinking of fitting out a horse float camper for overnight trips, we’ve put together a list of essential additions that you should consider.

A bed

Because events always seem to be scheduled with rain, or wind, or something else that will make camping outside in a tent a whole lot of no fun. Many floats will have the height to allow bunk beds, meaning you can have human company as well as equine. If you’re low on space, use fold-down beds that can be moved out of the way during the day.

Fold-out awning

An awning over the door of your float is multi-purpose: it provides shade if the sun is beating down, and shelter if it’s raining. An awning with some folding chairs and a small firepit makes a great congregation point for you and your friends to socialise after a hard day.


Camp toilets can cause a world of drama and yuck. Being able to use your own toilet in the comfort and privacy of your float is a luxury well worth the space.


Having a reliable source of clean, running water makes life a lot easier when you’re on the move. Use it for drinking water, to clean up before eating, to cook with, or to wash dirty dishes when you’re done with dinner.


Small, self-contained, and relatively safe, a microwave is a good choice of appliance in a limited space. It can be used to make coffee and tea, heat meals, and warm up heat packs for strained and sore muscles.

Water heater

After a day of riding, you often want a nice hot shower – and even if one is available, several dozen other people probably have exactly the same idea. A sleek, low-profile water heater with attached shower nozzle and a dial to pick your perfect water temperature can solve this problem in one simple package.


Finding space for all your bits and pieces – and being able to find them again – doesn’t have to be a drama. There are a lot of clever storage solutions available that utilise every scrap of available space under beds and in other nooks and crannies.


Whether you use them for relaxation or sleep, hammocks can provide you with a quick and easy resting place with minimal space wasted when not in use.


You might want to keep a few basics cold, like fruit, veg and butter – or you might prefer cold drinks. Either way, a small bar fridge can add a lot of convenience with minimal space used.

Collapsible buckets

Around horses, we’re always going to need a bucket or three. When not in use, though, these things are annoyingly bulky and somewhat awkward. That’s where collapsible buckets are so brilliant. Strong, resilient – and they collapse into a neat inch-thick disk when not in use.


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