Do you attend horse events every couple of weeks? Are you regularly hiring horse floats to transport your animals to and from the event? For the busy horse owner, this adds up to a major expense. If you haven’t already considered it, now might be the perfect time to buy a horse float of your very own.

There are so many reasons that hiring a float just isn’t worth it. And there are even more reasons to invest in one of your own. Here are a few arguments in favour of owning a horse float.

Flexibility in Horse Transport

Let’s face it: hiring a float can be a pain. You have to spend valuable time picking up and dropping off the float. You nearly always have to reserve the float hire in advance. And you have to spend time figuring out each model’s quirks and loading your horses into an unfamiliar float. Needless to say, owning your own float would afford you with much greater flexibility. Want to attend a last minute horse show? No problem. Just hook up your float and go. Many horse owners prefer this freedom and are happy knowing their float is there when they need it. (This is also an important consideration in an emergency situation should you need swift equine transport.)

A Familiar Float That’s Right for You

Some horses do great in any float you put them in. Others may have more trouble. A major advantage of owning a horse float is the familiarity and comfort of a known entity. Your horses will develop familiarity with a float they use often. This sense of comfort not only creates a more pleasant experience for your animals, it makes loading them more efficient. As you get to know the float yourself, it is also faster and easier to handle all the features of the float, customising things to your preferences and specifications.

In fact, that’s one of the main arguments for buying your own horse float: you’re able to choose exactly what you are looking for in a float. This simplifies your life and makes loading, transport, and maintenance as simple and hassle-free as possible.

A Horse Float is an Asset

It’s not uncommon to spend $100 – $200 per fortnight on float hire. Much like when you rent a home, this money is spent and while you do get some value for it, it’s never seen again. Making the repayments on something you own, on the other hand, whether that be a home or a horse float, is an investment in an asset. And as far as wheeled goods go, horse floats can be an excellent asset. Horse floats are renowned for holding their value for decades, depreciating at a considerably lower rate than cars. Because of this, they can nearly always be resold at competitive prices. When it comes time to upgrade your float, you’ll have a valuable asset you sell to help you fund your next purchase.

An Investment that Grows

There’s undeniable advantages to putting money towards ownership of something rather than throwing it away on a one-time expense. When you regularly pay for float hire, you’re being charged an inflated amount and helping the hire company earn a profit. Why not put that profit back into your own wallet?

For just around $105 per week, you could own a new $20k horse float (if approved). You could have a float that you love, that is right for your horses, and which gives you the freedom to attend more and more events without additional financial strain. Not only that, but you have the peace of mind knowing the service and repair history of your float, which you will build upon in the years to come.

Easy Financing

When you get an obligation-free approval from Australian Credit Acceptance, you can shop carefully and selectively, knowing you’re already approved for the float of your choice. This gives you the time you need to find an outstanding piece of equipment.

Still think it’s cheaper to hire a float? We boast some of the lowest interest rates around and supply a huge variety of financing options to help people in all kinds of circumstances. With friendly and fast service (speedy approvals, low doc finance, etc), working with ACA for your horse float finance just makes sense. Reach out today to learn more about partnering with Australia’s best finance company.