The team here at ACA run two Horse Floats For Sale Facebook Groups where individuals can freely advertise their new and used horse floats. There is a group specifically for Victoria and another one for Australia-wide.

It’s free to join our Facebook Groups. Just click through the links below, request to be added to the groups and once you’ve been approved, you can post your ad or start shopping for a horse float:

Horse Floats For Sale Victoria

Horse Floats For Sale Australia

There are hundreds of places on the web to find Horse Floats for Sale in Australia and thousands of pages of content to shift through in order to find what you’re looking for. It can be very time consuming. So, we’ve done some of the footwork for you and put together this list of online resources where you can find new or used horse floats for sale in Victoria.

Happy hunting. If you’re not sure what to look for take a look at: 10 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Horse Float

New Horse Floats

Equiluxe Horse Floats
Equiluxe is proud to offer you a comprehensive choice of horse floats. We love horses as much as you do, and readily customise our designs to suit all your needs. No matter whether you’re looking for peace of mind, a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee, or came here looking for horse floats that let you both travel in comfort, quality & style you’ve come to the right place. Learn more.

Pegasus Horse Floats
The finishing touches were added to the very first Pegasus Float back in 1978. 40 years later, and with more than 4000 Pegasus trailers, trucks and special application vehicles on the road throughout Australia and overseas, Pegasus are still proud to be a family owned business producing custom made floats of the highest levels of design and quality. Learn more.

Discovery Horse Floats
Discovery Horse Floats is a family-owned company, in Melbourne, Australia. DHF has a rich history within Australia’s horse float designing and building industry. DHF’s custom-built horse trailers boast all Australian components; providing durability, safety, premium quality and superior standards. Learn more.

Rowville Horse Trailers
Built from solid foundations of 37 years in the industry, for us, this forms a solid grounding for our role in the equine transport industry in Australia. Our heartfelt focus and passion is on equine safety and the reduction of horse anxiety during travel. Widely known for our quality workmanship, focus on safety, reliable performance and supreme engineering, Rowville Horse trailers inject sophistication and passion into each and every trailer we make. Learn more.

Rice Horse Floats
Rice Horse Floats has over 40 years of family experience in the horse trailer industry. We represent the leading edge in practical equine transport design. Our floats are hand made by a small number of qualified staff to ensure you receive the highest quality float available. Every float we build is brilliantly engineered with an elegant design are safe and have outstanding value. Learn more.

Used Horse Floats

Top Horse is a fantastic option to showcase your horses for sale, product or service and was developed in demand for a change to the monthly equestrian trading cycle. It allows sellers to advertise horses for sale or products immediately using photos and video in a user-friendly way that’s both flexible and cost-effective. Learn more.

It’s easy to sell your horse, float, saddle, property and more with Horse Deals. Our do-it-yourself listings means can edit your online listings and mark your ads as sold, all within your online member account. With over 90,000 unique browsers a month, you have the best possible chance of selling with Horse Deals. Learn more.
Gumtree, Australia’s local marketplace. We connect buyers and sellers in the local community, with more than 2.5 million listings across hundreds of categories you can buy, sell and find just about everything. Facilitating successful, safe local trade is our main priority and our ambition is to continue to grow a community marketplace where all Australians can prosper. Learn more.


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