In this modern age, we often take it for granted that the things we need, the places we go, and the services we depend on will be there. But what if they weren’t?

If you’re a business owner, you may have a better grasp on the supply chain and the importance of working infrastructure and organisation involved in ensuring proper transport and activity. You may even see the particular necessity of trucks to your business or industry. But what about the average everyday citizen? And what about other industries? You may know that trucks are important, but do you realise, without them, society as we know it would cease to function?

Imagine a world without trucks.

Simple Inconveniences

If you’ve ever encountered a natural disaster you might have experienced a small taste of what a lack of trucks would look like in our world. The shops run out of your favourite product. You don’t get your newspaper on Sunday morning. There are delays mailing items through the post office. Initially, these would seem like minor inconveniences, nothing to panic about. But the lack of panic comes from the knowledge and security in an ongoing system of shipping, trucking, and supplies. You believe this structure and organisation will return. You depend on this so strongly that you can’t conceive of a world without it. But what if the problem was worse? Not simple delays, strikes, or supply issues, but the utter disappearance of our trucks themselves? This would result in a rapid decline into chaos.

Serious Problems

Without trucks, grocery stores would first begin to run out of fresh produce, then perishable items. Soon, the shelves would be empty. In areas of lush farmland, the problem of hunger might be temporarily staved, but what about the urban areas? Without trucks supplying stores as they currently do multiple times per day, the population would quickly plow through the available food.

You could drive your car to a nearby area for supplies, but soon, you’ll run out of fuel. And with no trucks delivering to petrol stations, all traffic ends up at a standstill.
Not to mention, at this time garbage has begun to pile up in the streets in earnest. The quality of life is diminishing, and with plummeting food supplies, many residents are falling ill. Pharmacies are running out of medicines (with no trucks to continue their regular delivery) and even the hospitals are in crisis. Trucks don’t exist to remove waste from medical facilities, nor are they able to deliver fresh linens and supplies. The hospital’s sanitation level declines rapidly.

Societal Breakdown

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems a world without trucks would create. At this point, it can be assumed that the vast majority of our modern conveniences would cease to function. In short, our sophisticated, 21st century society would suddenly find itself living in the world of the 1800s. The advancements in technology that we are so proud of could not be utilised, and in fact, we’d return to an agrarian society focused solely on survival.

It is absolutely clear that trucks are the backbone of our present-day world, and to conceive of a society without them is nothing short of an international disaster.

The Solution?

Keep on truckin’.

Aren’t you glad that was all just hypothetical? The presence and necessity of trucks can’t be overstated. Appreciating them and ensuring their continued operation in Australia and beyond is vital. Want to be an integral part of an efficient, productive world. Invest in trucking! If you would like to own a truck and play an important part in the action on this planet, Australian Credit Acceptance can help. We offer comprehensive financing solutions for all your truck purchase needs. With our close relationships with a variety of lenders, let us find you the ideal loan option to suit your situation. Get in touch with our team today and let’s keep our modern society on the road!