Do you own a Smartphone? As a truckie, there are many great apps available that can make your drives better, more efficient, and more pleasant.

First things first. It’s illegal in Australia to use a mobile device while operating a vehicle. (Necessary calls may be made via a hands-free method). This law is an important, yet unsurprising one. Using a mobile device for talking, texting, or other purposes presents a significant risk to a driver, his passengers, and other road users. In a truck, it could be even more dangerous.

Yet mobile devices abound in Australia. When used safely and wisely (not whilst driving), mobile devices such as Smartphones offer an abundance of benefits. For those who travel frequently, there are a variety of dedicated apps available. There may be no individual better suited to these apps than the Aussie truck driver. Here are 8 of the essential apps for any truckie.

Gas Cubby

Need to keep careful records of your fuel input? Gas Cubby is the perfect solution. This app allows you to track fuelling and mileage, and can also let you know when regular maintenance is needed. The metrics and data supplied can help you become more efficient with your fuel and track overall fuel trends.


Waze is a super popular traffic and navigation app that is community operated. Other drivers in your area can update the map in real time to help others avoid the same dead-end directions. But the best benefit is the traffic updates. Be apprised of construction, accidents, and other traffic obstacles ahead of time. This is a great app for the busy truck driver who needs to avoid the time-wasting chaos of traffic.

Driver Reviver

A refreshed driver is a safe and happy driver. Truckies are accustomed to covering long distances. During these lengthy drives, stops are vital. This clever app can let you know the next spot where you can grab a snack and a toilet break.

The Weather Channel

As you criss-cross our giant continent in your truck, you’ll want to stay knowledgeable about the weather you will encounter. The Weather Channel’s free app, available on a range of operating systems, can keep you abreast of any incoming storms.


Hands free is the safe and legal way. Unfortunately, we live in a connected society so notifications and important messages may still come your way. You can’t stop to read these without sacrificing driving time, so consider the ReadItToMe app. This app reads all of your notifications out loud for you in easy-to-understand English and even supports vocal replies for some services.

Anti Sleep Pilot

This app has the potential to save lives. Using a system of basic reaction metrics to test your level of fatigue, that app gets to know you as a driver and provides tailored recommendations for when to take a break.

Truckie’s Mate

Designed specifically to fit the needs of the Aussie truck driver, the Truckie’s Mate app offers a number of features. The most exceptional benefits this app offers include roadside assistance in case of a crash or incident (including a checklist of what to do), a list of important & emergency phone numbers, and a search function to find local truck stops.

Fill My Tank

Covering more than 4000 petrol stations throughout Australia, this app is a must-have for truck drivers. App users and fellow drivers can input real-time data to help you find the cheapest and most convenient fuel option wherever you are in the country.

What’s your #1 go-to app when on the road? Any essential truckie apps we missed?