australia truck driver life

Get used to this view.

Are you an Aussie with a dream to drive trucks for a living? This is a rewarding career that has many perks and benefits, but the challenges of this work are real.

A professional truck driver can earn a solid living out on the road, particularly if he or she finds success as an owner driver and functions as an independent contractor. Yet, however you choose to operate as a truck driver, there are a few considerations to make before diving straightaway into this unique way of life.

Most of all, you need to know that in the truck driver way of life, the road is king.

The Whims of the Road

While the freight, load, vehicle, freight company, schedule, and many other factors are a significant part of the truck driving lifestyle, the truth of the matter is that the road is in charge.

If you’re going to work as a truck driver, the road will be your closest friend and constant companion. The road takes you where you need to go and leads you to your destination. The road is the focus–what keeps you alert and motivated. It is imperative that you are passionate about driving and journeying; as a truck driver this is how at least 80% of your time will be spent.

You’re subject to the whims of the road: its conditions, traffic, and even its passing wildlife. Out on the highways, you might not have a boss watching over you, but you’ll find that you are in fact under the authority of the very road itself.

You’d Better Enjoy Your Own Company

Trucking can be a solitary life. With only your own self to keep you company, it’s necessary to be comfortable with time spent alone. The radio and your thoughts can keep you occupied, but the nature of truck driving is that you must remain alert. If the image of watching the scenery pass over hours spent in comfortable isolation appeals to you, truck driving just might be your ideal career. This is a fine way to see the countryside.

Driving a truck requires patience and fortitude as well. Long stretches of the Outback can become repetitive and it might be hours before you spot a roadhouse. Here however is where truck drivers find a reprieve from their loneliness. Interacting with other drivers and travellers at these special stops gives drivers the chance to share news, swap stories, and enjoy a much-needed break. Many truck drivers declare that the career is worth it simply because of the fascinating folk you meet on the road.

The Endless Horizon

As with any occupation, truck driving is not without its challenges, but for those who are suited to its circumstances it is an opportunity to make money in a wonderful way. The chance to travel across Australia’s beautiful, sprawling landscape is quite invaluable. With the road stretching before you, and the horizon ahead, you have nothing to do but revel in your awesome job and the amazing world we live in.

Financing Your Dreams

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