As Christmas approaches, little girls and boys all over the world are asking Santa Claus for the ultimate gift: a horse. Across the globe, parents chuckle and push the idea aside, but what if you took a moment to consider the prospect? Having a horse can be a tremendously rewarding experience for the entire family, but especially for your children. Perhaps a horse isn’t possible this Christmas, but there is all of the next year and beyond to consider as well. If you are on the fence about it, why not come on over to the other side? Here are 10 good reasons your kids should have a horse.

1. They offer great exercise.

Training, feeding, brushing, and riding: horses are no small matter, and if your kids are going to care for and spend time with a horse, they will be getting a great deal of moving done! In today’s video-game, computerised society, any excuse to get their bodies moving is a good one. A horse provides these opportunities in endless supply.

2. Confidence can be gained.

As your children learn to care for the horse, train it, and ride it successfully, an incredible feeling of confidence is sure to follow. Owning a horse presents a chance for your kids to find achievement in something tangible that will take patience and effort to obtain. So many valuable lessons can be gained from having a horse.

3. An opportunity for responsibility.

One of the major lessons having a horse teaches kids is that of responsibility. Owning a horse does indeed take work, but the rewards are genuine. As kids learn to manage their time and keep equipment clean and organised, they will discover more about responsibility each and every day.

4. Learning compassion and respect.

Owning a horse is a great lesson in humility. Caring for a large and powerful creature and having it learn to trust you is humbling and wonderful. As your children spend time with their horse, they will learn the value of all living creatures and will learn to treat their horse, and other animals, with deep respect.

5. Mental stimulation.

Riding and training a horse is perhaps most of all a mental exercise. Horses can present challenges and obstacles (and can occasionally be stubborn learners). As your kids deal with these, working through and solving problems, they will likely find the skills they’ve developed in this arena translate to all other areas of their life.

6. It teaches them about priorities.

When your kids get to have a horse, they learn quickly that this is a big deal. The horse must become one of their main priorities. This means they may have to budget their time, assist with some expenses, and shoulder the caring, cleaning, training, and other chores. Handling such things can help even young children learn early on what it means to make priorities in your life.

7. A chance to overcome challenges.

Horses are unique and fascinating creatures. Now and then, the horse may present an unfamiliar challenge to your family. Together, you and your kids can press on and find the ideal solution to the situation. This can increase your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall belief in their abilities and knowledge.

8. Horses make wonderful friends.

Young people can find an amazing bond with their sleek, powerful friends. Horses become a mate, a pet, and even a confidante. Including a horse in your children’s lives means they will have a special, beautiful friend that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

9. Time spent outside.

Do you ever find yourself encouraging your children to put down the electronics and get outside? When your kids have a horse, you’ll have difficulty convincing them to come inside. Let your children have a great reason to experience and commune with the natural world.

10. Horses make life better.

All in all, it is simply the truth that owning a horse makes your life richer and more fulfilled. It is not only your children who will benefit from this graceful creature in your lives: you will as well.

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