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The Easiest Medical Finance Solution

Many people who are in need of expensive elective Medical Procedures often endure years of pain and suffering because of the cost involved and the difficulty of getting medical loans from one of the ‘Big Four’ banks. That is how Australian Credit Acceptance can help with our custom Medical Finance. Being one the country’s leading suppliers of Medical Finance Loans for Medical Procedures, we have assisted hundreds of clients to achieve a greater level of well being. Our large range of medical loans and medical finance products means we are able to offer you options to suit your individual requirements.

cosmetic surgery loans

Cosmetic Surgery Loans

We work hard for all of our cosmetic surgery finance clients to make sure that the process is simple, while also providing the lowest interest rates on the market. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t get in touch with us earlier.

Dental Loans

A great smile is an important part of a lasting first impression. After you’ve applied online or over the phone, we’ll be working hard to find the best value package for your circumstances to put a smile on your face as soon possible.

financing hair replacement

Hair Replacement Loans

We understand that a thinning head of hair can be very damaging to a person’s confidence. We’ve made the hair replacement finance process as simple as it can be, so that you can get your confidence back as soon as possible.

Medical Travel Loans

Organising finance for a medical holiday has never been easier than with Australian Credit Acceptance. We have low rate finance packages available to cover your procedure, accommodation and airfares all in the one loan.