Steven Jays Floats
Our interview with Stephen from Stephen Jay’s Floats.

Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?

At Stephen Jays Floats we are not just horse float manufacturers. I design and build theses floats from a user’s perspective, having spent around 25 years playing Polocrosse with my family,goo travelling extensively, and camping for long periods of time (in all conditions), in various horse floats and goosenecks.

During this time I have come across some real do’s and don’ts when looking at the functionality of many of the floats currently on the market.

I believe these years of experience have given me an insight into what’s necessary when manufacturing the ideal float – with comfort, safety and reliability being paramount for both horse and rider.

At Stephen Jays Floats we believe our experience and knowledge, combined with your desires, wants and needs, come together to create the perfect float for you and your family.

We are uncompromising on our standards of manufacturing and materials, thus ensuring longevity, reliability and flawless end results.

What’s the story behind how you ended up being in the business?

I have been in business for 38 years running different company’s But my passion was horses, I always got floats and played with them until one day I decided to Build our own brand

My driver in doing so was to build the best horse floats on the market and thankfully we have achieved that.

What makes the business unique?

That we are uncompromising on standard and quality as well we are always searching for new and innovative ideas to improve our brand.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

Seeing the passion of our clients.

How do you envision success?

A symbol of success in my eyes is earning repeat customers and referrals from our existing customers. By delivering what we sell, we turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Tell us about one of the good experiences you’ve had as an Australian Credit Acceptance Finance Referral Partner?

The synergy between our two companies is really awesome. We share the same high standard of service and commitment to servicing the needs of the customer.

How do you find that we help your business?

You guys help our business by delivering the same degree of professionalism as we do. We have no problem trusting you with our client’s Horse Float Finance. We know they will have a good experience with you and and that will reflect well on us for referring them to you.

What would you tell your friends in the Horse Float industry about Australian Credit Acceptance?

They will represent you at the highest level and treasure your clients. It’s as simple as that.