Horse floats are designed to transport horses on the road, making it easy to get them from place to place.  They are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and from different manufacturer but all have the same goal in mind, easy transportation.

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If you’re interested in buying your first horse float, upgrading your current float or just curious about the history of floats, read on for more little-known facts!

What Were Horse Floats Originally Invented For?

Historians revealed that horse floats were originally designed for emergency purposes!  When all emergency transportation was horse-drawn, floats were brought to accident scenes to take injured horses to veterinary hospitals. These special emergency floats were regularly used by fire fighters and other emergency response services too.

Celebrity Transportation!

As horse racing and entertainment platforms brought added value to horses, a new form of transportation was needed for cross country road trips.  Before floats accommodated these prize-winning horses, they were typically transported by railroad cars.   But railroad cars proved to be inconvenient with scheduling conflicts, delays and growing maintenance issues.

Horse floats provided a fresh new option for these celebrity horses!  By 1918, these were being advertised as the hot new thing in horse transport.  Furthermore, a new form of animal transportation that solved the delay problem was exciting for consumers and the market.

Floats & War Horses

The horse float served an important purpose in World War I.  Once again assuming the role of emergency horse transportation, floats were used in France to move injured horses quickly to the nearest clinic.  Horses were critical to a country’s infantry, so these valuable animals needed quick attention in order to go back out onto the field.

This also gave way to brand new ideas in design too!  These WW1 floats introduced a special rotating design that allowed horses to easily walk in and out of the trailer, improving dramatically on horse float engineering.

Today’s popular horse floats feature a range of different designs, offering more convenient ways to transport your horse long distances.  The fascinating history of horse floats certainly opened the door to the robust design and innovation seen today!