You’ve heard it said that your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. Countless newlyweds can tell you: this is true, even when things don’t go according to plan, or when mishaps occur. The reason? Love.

No matter what transpires on your wedding day, the focus is love and commitment, and that makes every moment incredibly special.

And yet, weddings still demand a great deal of planning. Ensuring that things run smoothly helps you and your guests to have the best, most stress-free experience possible. That’s when preparation steps in to give you a helping hand.

Planning a wedding involves many layers. When the nuptials involve a same sex couple, there are even more factors to consider. As you plan your same sex wedding, let these three guiding principles rule your actions.

You Have So Much Freedom

It’s easy to feel constrained by the “rules” of etiquette, or by wedding traditions of years past. When it comes to gay marriage, couples can feel an even greater burden regarding the “right” way to have a wedding. Our suggestion? Throw off those encumbrances.

In reality, there are fewer rules when it comes to same sex ceremonies, because the territory is largely uncharted. This means you have boundless freedom for creating YOUR perfect wedding. Have fun with the format; change up the approach to seating, wedding party members, even who walks down the aisle. This freedom is exciting for your wedding planning. You might stroll hand-in-hand down the aisle to begin your vows. You might have your loved ones stand in a circle around you as you profess your love. Whatever you dream of, you can make your wedding day your own.

This is YOUR Day

Don’t forget that your wedding day is, above all, about you and your soon-to-be-spouse. It’s not about your family or guests. Same sex couples may encounter additional family pressures or specific worries that don’t plague heterosexual couples. That’s ok. If you keep in mind the true purpose of your wedding day, this will help allay these concerns and assist you in making the right wedding planning decisions for you and your partner.

A wedding planner or wedding coordinator is a welcome addition for many couples. This individual can take care of guest-related worries and provide that extra security that the day’s events will proceed according to plan.

Planning Early Makes Things Easier

Finally, don’t leave matters until the last minute. You may be surprised just how many minor issues can pop up as the wedding day approaches—and the last thing you want to be doing on the day itself is fretting about those small details. Careful, timely preparation is so vital for a wedding. A few things to take care of ahead of time:

  • Assign someone to pick up flowers/arrange floral delivery
  • Complete all final payments to wedding vendors
  • Plan logistics for transporting the wedding party, guests, etc. if necessary
  • Make rain plans if you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception
  • Have a go-to problem solver, such as a wedding coordinator, to help with any day-of mishaps

One crucial element in planning ahead is designing and sticking to your wedding budget. Weddings can be expensive, but you don’t want to feel stressed about finances during this most important occasion of your lives. The right financing ensures you can focus on what matters. A company like Australian Credit Acceptance can match you with the ideal loan that’s right for your circumstances and financial situation, securing you the best loan terms and interest rates.

Curious to learn more about our exceptional same sex wedding finance? Get in touch with the courteous team at ACA today for further details. Happy planning!