Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what the business is about?

We are Matt and Katie and we have 5 children. We enjoy lots of activities such as the beach, skateboarding and exploring our beautiful south east QLD.

What makes the business unique?

Our business is based on a safety model. The problem noticed by our horse trainer was that horses didn’t want to travel in horse floats. They wouldn’t load and when they did, they would stomp and scramble because the floats were too restrictive and horses struggled to find their balance while travelling. Many accidents were happening and the owners were finding it very stressful to travel with their horses. So John Chatterton who has a natural affinity with horses realised they were difficult because they were uncomfortable and felt out of control. The evidence was the extreme sweating, manuring, stomping and scrambling up the side of the floats..and like I said before, they were very difficult to load.

What makes the business unique?

What makes our product unique is that we designed a solution to horse floating problems. Our patented floats have the sloped sides to give an extra 20cm per side of the float. This gives the horses room to spread out their legs and stabilise themselves. We also have the unique horizontally adjustable chest bars so you can float a small pony next to a Clydesdale. Our bum bars are also 15cm from the back of the float, so no tail rub for our horses!!

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

My favourite thing is that we don’t have to SELL our product or lie about it. Our happy customers are our best advertising and they are happy because their horses are now happy and the problem is solved. Our customers can now take their horses to events and not worry about any scramlbing or safety issues. So it is a privilege to be producing these floats!

How do you envision success?

Success is the ability to put others first, love on them no matter where they’re at and have an abundance that we can share with those who need it most. Success to us is knowing we are all loved by the God who created us.

Tell us about one of the good experiences you’ve had as an Australian Credit Acceptance Finance Referral Partner?

One of our good experiences was hearing from one of our customers, Carley. She said that she had a great experience with ACA. We both love boots and she is just a lovely person to deal with!

How do you find that we help your business?

We find ACA is helpful in looking after our customers that needs horse float finance, and throughout the process they are easy to deal with.

What would you tell your friends about Australian Credit Acceptance?

I tell my customers that ACA has been a great friendly company to deal with.