Do you own a business in Australia? There is so much that goes into running an organisation, from marketing to product development to human resources and more. But your business can’t succeed without its customers. First and foremost, it’s necessary that you’re selling products or services that your customers need and want. But what about when it comes time for them to make the purchase? Whether large or small, your business should consider partnering with a finance broker. This union creates tremendous benefits for your customers, and improves your bottom line. Though it might sound like a complicated decision, read on to find out how simple it is to work with our team at Australian Credit Acceptance.

Make the Sale

When you’re selling goods, particularly expensive items, the price tag can often be the one obstacle between completing the sale and the customer walking away. Don’t let money be the deciding factor for your customers. Partnering with a finance broker means you can discuss a much more affordable figure with monthly, fortnightly, or weekly repayment. This opportunity removes a significant roadblock on your way to making profits, and also allows your customers to get what they need, when they need it. Patrons of your business have options with a finance broker, and don’t have to worry about needing to pay the total cost up front. What does this boil down to? You close sales faster and more often.

Keep them Loyal

When the money isn’t readily available to your customers or they express concerns about making a purchase, you lose valuable time. As they spend time focusing on price, they have the opportunity to keep “shopping around.” This means they end up going to other businesses and looking for a lower price or a better deal. When your company has a partnership with a professional finance broker like Australian Credit Acceptance, you are the one poised to offer buyers the better deal. You can simply refer hesitant customers to your trusted finance partner, so they can organise their funds swiftly and easily. This allows you to make the sale without giving them time to waver and head elsewhere.

Near-Instant Results

Some businesses work with finance companies or banks that have lengthy approval processes. This is not the case at Australian Credit Acceptance. With us, applicants can get approved in less than 24 hours, and often even faster. With a large, skilled team of loan consultants, we have the ability to assess and present financing options to customers in a wide range of circumstances. Our connections with a variety of lenders allows us to offer competitive rates and well-tailored solutions for your customer base.

A Variety of Financing Options

As a business owner, you may wonder why you should choose a finance broker instead of a bank. It might seem like a smart move to go “right to the source,” but this notion is incorrect. A finance broker has strong ties with an abundance of lenders, banks, and other financial institutions. As such, a broker can offer your customers options that they won’t find elsewhere. At a bank or credit union, consultants are limited to selling only their own products which will not necessarily be the right fit for your customers and their circumstances. But a broker works for the client: aiming to identify the best possible financing package for their unique needs from a large selection of lenders.

ACA is Personal and Positive

At Australian Credit Acceptance, we recognise that business success is all about building relationships. Because of this, we’re dedicated to serving customers with excellence in every aspect. Time and time again, we receive positive feedback from our clients. They love our high level of personalised service and our commitment to dependability. Working one-on-one with clients, we strive to understand their needs and find the best financial solution for their individual situation and goals. When you partner with a finance broker like Australian Credit Acceptance, you can feel confident that your customers will be well cared for, and that their experience with us will reflect positively on your business. Additionally we work for you to help you close as many many deals as possible. We’re here to assist with you with everything from your marketing to your business processes. Our partners consider us an invaluable cog in the engine that is their business.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to begin a lasting and effective partnership.