Are you thinking of purchasing a used 4WD vehicle? Having a 4WD is a big part of the Aussie lifestyle, providing you with the freedom to go virtually anywhere in this vast country. And of course, they’re a whole lot of fun.

A vehicle is a major purchase. You don’t want to go in without the proper knowledge and preparation. To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of simple tips to assist you as you search for that perfect used 4WD.

Consider What You Will Use it For

What is your intention with your 4WD? Do you intend to drive it around town as well as off-road? Will you be searching for a manual or an automatic? Do you plan to carry heavy loads? Is petrol or diesel preferred? If you will use your 4WD to tow a boat or caravan, you’ll need to be sure you search for a vehicle capable of hauling the extra weight. All of these considerations will help you in your search as there is a vast range of 4WD vehicles available to suit distinct purposes. Knowing your aims will make searching for your future vehicle that much easier.

Research in Depth

The Internet is your friend when it comes to finding information. Try to select a few 4WD models that you like best and investigate their typical prices (new and used), common issues, and advantages or disadvantages. If you are selecting a used model, it is also a good idea to look into the price and availability of parts and accessories. Being thorough and decisive as you narrow down your search will help ensure you make the best investment into a quality used 4WD vehicle.

Inspect Possible 4WDs Extensively

Even the toughest of 4WD vehicles can experience some damage. These vehicles are designed to take you through rough terrain, and into some challenging situations. Excessive damage, however, is not a good factor in buying a used 4WD. When checking over a 4WD you are considering buying don’t hesitate to give it a thorough inspection. If possible, have a look underneath the car to check for scratches, leaks, cracks, or rust. Much of the damage that occurs happens to a vehicle’s undercarriage, and is not immediately apparent without an inspection.

You will definitely want to take a look under the bonnet. The vehicle’s engine and engine bay should look in good condition with cables and fluid lines arranged neatly and secured. Causes for concern: Lost or loose items, a mismatch of parts, residual oil around seals and covers, and brown, rust-coloured coolant. Once you think you are certain about which 4WD you are going to purchase, considering investing in an inspection from a licensed motor mechanic who will simply give you the facts.

Give Her a Try

A test drive is an integral part of the process for buying a used 4WD. Any reputable owner will be happy to let you test out the vehicle. Upon starting, take note of any noises, hesitation, or other signs of trouble. Are there any warning lights illuminated on the dashboard? This is a sign that maintenance is needed.

As you drive, test the vehicle on a variety of terrain. You want to experience a fairly smooth ride with no difficulties in switching gears. You also should test the hand brake, look for signs of exhaust when accelerating quickly, and be attentive to any thumps or sounds during the drive. And of course, test it in 4WD.

Look Into Financing

When you’ve finally found and decided on the ideal 4WD vehicle, make sure finances don’t hold you back. Seek out high-quality, flexible financing from an institution like Australian Credit Acceptance. With quick approvals, numerous loan options, and personalised service, we are the 4WD Finance solution you’ve been looking for.